Alternative Loan Products

Townhouses - NanQ – Second Chance Mortgage

NanQ™ – Non Prime Lending Programs

Second Chance mortgage that offer homeowner’s a fresh start in getting back into the marketplace. You can get a mortgage one day out of foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy. This entire product line has absolutely no prepayment penalties and you are free to refinance your home as soon as you meet traditional lending guidelines.

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NanQ™ – Stated Income Verified Assets

Designed for High Net Worth borrowers with significant liquid assets that can demonstrate their ability to repay using their current liquid assets.

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NanQ – SIVA2

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NanQ™ – Alternative (Blended) Income

Program for the Self-Employed borrowers that cannot document their income completely via traditional ways. Allows a blending of income between a wage earners paystub and a self-employed borrower using bank statements.

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NanQ™- Jumbo program

Specialty Jumbo product for Foreign Nationals and borrower’s that do not qualify for a traditional Jumbo loan due to Short Sale or recent Foreclosure.

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NanQ™- Agency Alternative Program

For borrowers that barely miss Agency guidelines due to high debt to income ratios exceeding 43% but can prove income through paystubs and tax returns.

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