Appraisal Refund Policy

Appraisal Fees are Non-Refundable

You have the right to cancel your appraisal order at any time before the inspection of your property by the appraiser. Once the appraiser has arrived at your property to perform the inspection your right to cancel is voided and you are responsible for the full amount charged for the appraisal service. If you decide to cancel, you must contact the appraisal management company assigned to your order and receive a verifiable approval of cancellation from the appraisal management company. There are no refunds due to discrepancies in value. An appraisal is an appraiser’s opinion of value. All appraisers are licensed by the state in which the appraisal is performed. If you disagree with the value of an appraisal we will investigate the file, however no refund will be issued for discrepancies in value